Monday, September 5, 2016

Megan & Steve Wedding at The Grove Las Vegas

Super excited to share some images from this night with Megan & Steve!! Like most of my couples, I met them at Bridal Spectacular. I'm not one to just book with anyone who comes through the door. I have to feel a good connection to them. I have to feel like in my everyday life, I'd be friends with them because of the kind of people that they are, and I definitely found that in Megan when I met her. They knew what they wanted, but where warm, sweet, kind and friendly. They showed respect for me as a human being and artist rather than just another vendor at their wedding. THIS is what I strive for always. I am SO grateful when couples are down to earth like this! I'm so lucky!

We started off at the MGM for getting ready pictures. When I arrived, all the gorgeous bridal party ladies were just about ready with hair and makeup hanging around in their robes. I love that environment - a bunch of ladies who are getting the princess treatment during busy lives! Its magical even when its chaotic. I captured some details pictures like this one of her STRIKING ring on the heel of her gorgeous Vince Camuto stiletto shoe and her dressing hanging over what I think to be really pretty hotel wall art. Its fun finding unique places to do that! She also had her bridesmaids names engraved onto champagne glasses! So thoughtful and cute! After Everyone was prepped, we snapped this hilarious photo of all the bridesmaids acting wild and crazy while this younger lady covers her eyes!! Hehehe! Then we packed up and headed towards The Grove. 

Megan was so patient! I got downstairs with them, but then realized I left my light stand in the room :-(.  I knew I needed it that night so I told them to go on a head since they were taking a bus anyway and I'd meet them at The Grove. Well...after taking the time to get my stuff and walking all the way to my car in the lot, I then made several wrong turns and my map decided to play games with me. I ended up driving through the whole city, zigzagging all over the place before making it to the freeway. Megan and her girls patiently waited for ME, with nothing else to do, for at least 20 minutes. That's A LONG time in wedding land. They were so sweet, making me feel good even though I wanted to burst into tears. I am SO grateful for that. I have never been late to a wedding like that. I know its crazy for me to be saying all this on my blog, but I just wanted to say how thankful I was. 

Anyway, dresses were put on, Steve was prepped and a first look was on the way. We set them up and captured such a sweet moment with them together. Steve was speechless. He couldn't get words out. Sarah (my second shooter) and I saw a weight lifted from him when he saw her. It was like all this stress of the day melted away the second he turned and saw her. He was at home again. Snap...I'm actually tearing up while writing this. 

We went on to do pictures of them, their bridal party and their families before tucking back away while guests arrived. The ceremony went off perfectly with Steve's brother as the officiant. We did a few more pictures afterward then headed into the reception. Every detail was so beautiful and perfect. There were so many cute signs with quotes on them. It made it all that much more personal and unique. I stayed until every event was done. Definitely wanted to make up for the driving fiasco. 

Loved every part of hanging out with them. Their families, bridal party and guests were a true reflection of them which was pure love. Thank you both for choosing us to be part of your stunning day. It was good feels :-D <3. Cant wait to get you all of your pictures this week! XOXOXO

Getting ready venue: MGM Grand/The Grove
Ceremony venue: The Grove
Hair/makeup: Erin & Lauren
Flowers: Natures Flowers
Dress: Maggie Sottero - the Perri
Shoes: Vince Camuto - Imagine Pavi - Embellished Peep-Toe Platform Heel
Tuxes: Men's Warehouse
Dj: Prestige DJ
Officiant: Nick Higgins, Steve's brother
Cupcakes: Freed's Bakery