Saturday, July 20, 2013

Andrea & Joe: Las Vegas Maternity Photographer

I LOVE when mother nature decides to show her darker side during photo shoots! That is what happened last night while doing Andrea and Joe's maternity pictures. It started off a little cloudy and then by the end of the photo shoot, the lightning started up!

As for the last shot in this sneak peak of her standing on the rock with the lightning behind her.....lets just say....that lightning DID indeed strike while she was on the rock standing there, but I'm not gonna give all my secrets away :-). Needless to say, it was amazing! Thankfully we just had the dark clouds and lightning, but not too much rain until right after she got off the rock. This was quite adventurous considering this is a little bit of a walk, Andrea is 8 months pregnant (by the way...who the heck looks THIS good pregnant?? Oh ya...Andrea does!! Shes gorgeous!) and Joe who was on crutches the whole time (besides when we were snapping pics) because of knee surgery not too long ago. So there we were, sun almost gone running down the path in the rain holding gear, props, a baby in the belly and on crutches, lol. I'm sure it was quite the site! Thank goodness they are both sporty and active! Loved our time together!!

Read about this fun shot above...

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