Monday, June 2, 2014

Matt & Missy! Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

When I met this couple at the Bridal Spectacular show, I fell in love with them right away! I was so thankful when they contacted me and wanted me to photograph their wedding! First of all, they are the sweetest people; so accommodating and wanted to make sure that their wedding was as much about their guests and vendors as is was about them! 

We started the day off at the Springs Preserve - a lovely little oasis in the middle of Las Vegas. Missy calmly got herself together with her girls! She had a spectacular one shoulder strap ivory wedding dress on which and held a bouquet of gorgeous pale pink and ivory flower; they had a vintage feel to them. The wedding party were all looking sharp....I must say especially "The Amazing Sophie", their adorable dog with pink painted nails! haha! Loved it!

After the ceremony, we took pictures with ALL of the guests...something that does not happen often, but you could really tell they wanted everyone to really take part in their day. Then with the family and small bridal party, and then we walked around the premise snapping some gorgeous pictures of the 2 of them. Next - we headed in the limo over to the Las Vegas sign were not only did we get sign pictures, but we got special pictures with ELVIS....who happens to be an idol of Missy's! Loved being able to get those pictures!! 

And finally - we made it to the final destination of Nine Fine Irishman in the New York New York hotel for their reception! It was awesome! Took some pictures on the bridge overlooking the strip and then tons of fun pictures of everyone interacting and partying!! They actually had a seat reserved for me as a guest! How awesome is that?! Food was amazing, the authentic Irish band was rad, the company was great, restaurant service was wonderful, everything was perfect! 

So thankful I was able to be part of this day!! I wish I could take up this blog with so many more pictures!! Just no room!!! 



  1. Love all the pictures. Especially the one in the bridge.

  2. Loved all the photos. The picture on the bridge of Missy and Matt is my favorite